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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if I arrive in Spain from USA or Canada?

All people entering Spain from USA or Canada, except children under the age of 12 and international transits, must fill in the Health Control Form and obtain your SpTH QR, to show at boarding and at the health controls upon arrival in Spain.

Make sure you have a QR code generated by SpTH to be able to travel.

So, what should I do?

You must fill in and sign the Health Control Form (FCS) associated with your trip. Each passenger must complete a form, and have the SpTH QR code that you will get at the end. You can do this from this website (, or from the SpTH mobile app.:

  • Before your trip to Spain:

    • Create an FCS form: Once you have the details of your trip, you can create and fill in the FCS form. You can start filling it in whenever you want, and continue later, at any time, thanks to the unique code you will receive in your email.

    • Get your QR Code: From 3 days before the trip you will be able to answer the health questions on this form and get the QR code associated with your trip. You will receive a document in pdf format with the QR code in your email, or directly on your mobile if you create the FCS form and complete it using the SPTH mobile app, downloadable from this website or on the download sites of apps for Android and Apple devices.

  • At the time of departure: You must show the airline the QR code of your trip, on your mobile or on paper, in order to board.

  • Upon arrival in Spain: You must show the QR code of your trip, on your mobile or on paper, to be able to pass the health control established by the Spanish health authorities. If they consider it appropriate, they may carry out a medical check upon arrival.
    Make sure you have the QR code associated with your trip in your SpTH mobile app, downloaded on your mobile or printed on paper, to speed up your health control process upon arrival in Spain.

  • During your stay in Spain: Follow the COVID-19 prevention measures recommended by the health authorities in Spain (see specific section in the FAQs).


How do I create a Health Control Form to travel to Spain?

You will have to fill in the details of the Health Control Form (FCS) associated with your trip, and have the SpTH QR code that you will obtain after closing your form.

Once you have correctly completed it, you will be able to sign it (from 72 hours prior to your arrival in Spain) and obtain your QR code associated with your trip.

What is the QR code associated with the trip?

This QR code is a code obtained when the Health Control Form is duly completed through the web portal or the SpTH mobile app.

It is a mandatory document that must be brought and shown before boarding and at health controls at Spanish airports.

What do I need to fill in the electronic health control form?

To complete the Health Control Form, you need to have the following at hand:

  1. Identity document number (passport, ID, etc.)

  2. Information about your international mode of transport (arrival date, flight number and airline)

  3. Information about your stay in Spain (city/town and Autonomous Community)

  4. Email address and phone number.

  5. The certificate/certifying document (vaccination/recovery/diagnostic test) that you will show at the health controls (you will upload it to the SpTH application, attaching it, in section 4)

  6. You will have to show your SpTH QR code together with a vaccination or recovery certificate and, in addition, a SARS-CoV-2 active infection diagnostic test (AIDT) with negative result.


What vaccinations against COVID-19 are allowed to be able to enter Spain?

Any vaccine authorised for marketing by the European Union (European Medicines Agency, EMA) and WHO will be accepted. In the case of certificates with vaccines not authorised by these agencies, the last dose administered must be of one of the authorised vaccines. The complete vaccination schedule must be available for the vaccination certificate to be valid. Complete vaccination schedules are defined as those established in the COVID-19 vaccination Strategy in Spain.


What COVID-19 diagnostic tests are accepted for entry into Spain?

2 types of tests are allowed, with negative result:

  • Nucleic acid amplification tests (NAAT), which detect the genetic material of the virus (RT-PCR, TMA and RT-LAMP).

  • Rapid antigen detection tests (RATs), which detect the presence of virus antigens.

These tests must have been carried out (sampling) 72h (NAAT) or 24h (RATs) before departure for Spain.


What validity do my Certificates/documents certifying vaccination, recovery and/or diagnostic tests have?

  • Vaccination Certificate: in the case of vaccination with a complete vaccination schedule, from 1 February 2022, this will be valid from 14 days after the date of administration of the last dose of the complete vaccination schedule and will be valid up to 270 days from the date of administration of that last dose. Thereafter, in order to be valid, the vaccination certificate must reflect the administration of a booster dose. These certificates will be considered valid from the day the booster dose is administered.

  • Certificate of Diagnostic Tests: certificate valid if the sample has been taken within 72h (NAAT) or 24h (RATs) prior to departure for Spain.

  • Certificate of Recovery: shall be valid provided that more than 11 days have elapsed since the first positive NAAT or rapid antigen test (RAT) was performed. This certificate shall be valid for 180 days thereafter..

If you do not comply with any of the above data, you cannot obtain your QR.

How far in advance can I fill out the electronic health control form?

The form can be started at any time from the moment you have the details of your trip (by air/sea), filling in the data you want and saving it to continue later. You can only complete the health-related questions and sign the completed form 48 hours before your arrival in Spain.


When should I send the electronic health control form?

You must sign and send your electronic form within 2 days, 48 hours, prior to the arrival date in Spain, to avoid unnecessary delays during the entry process.


Where do I have to present the QR Code that I get when filling out the Health Control Form upon arrival in Spain?

On arrival in Spain, you must scan the QR code on the devices intended for this purpose that will be duly marked.


Can I get the QR code from the form in paper?

Yes, once you have completed the process and accepted the responsible declaration you can download the QR in electronic format or print it on paper from the link provided for this purpose.


Can my travel agent help me fill out the form?

Yes, with your consent, your travel agency can help you fill in your form, within the indicated deadlines.


Do I have to cancel the registration generated if I decide to cancel my trip after obtaining the QR?

No, it is not necessary to cancel this generated record. It will be automatically deleted within 7 days after the indicated date of arrival in Spain.


Is it possible to modify the Health Control Form once I have signed it and obtained the QR code?

Yes, once you have signed and obtained the QR code, you can change the following data at any time: seat number, residence address and address of stay. Once the data has been modified, a new QR code will be generated, which you will have to present at the airport. It is VERY IMPORTANT that the QR obtained with the last modification made is presented at the airport. In the case of a family/group form, it can be modified at any time by entering the details of the person responsible for the family/group who initially registered the form.


Is it possible to fill in part of the Health Control Form in advance and continue it some time later?

Yes, some fields, such as personal identification fields, can be completed prior to the two-day period before the arrival date. The Health Questionnaire and Travel History fields will only be available from 2 days (48 hours) before the trip.

Both the website and the mobile application allow you to initially start and continue whenever you want, from the CONTINUE FORM button on the main screen of the SpTH website or from the APP, retrieving your forms from MY TRIPS. Each form is unique, it has a code that we will provide you, and that allows you to continue whenever you want, until its final signature and to obtain the QR code associated with your trip.


If I don't know my flight seat yet, can I get the QR code?

No, this field is mandatory, so you will not be allowed to close the form until you have completed it. Many airlines allow you to check in online from home, which allows you to obtain your seat number before arriving at the airport.


How do I know that my Health Control Form has been saved correctly?

You will know that your form has been successfully saved because the following message will appear: An email will be sent to you shortly with the QR code, which is required to pass through the control at the destination airport. Remember to download the QR code on your mobile phone or print it in paper format to have it handy when you arrive in Spain. We wish you a very nice trip and a happy stay in Spain.


Can I create a Health Control Form for a family or group?

Yes, from the New Form option, selecting the Family/group FCS Form button, you can create a form for a family/group of passengers. To create a family/group form, you must indicate the details of the person responsible for the family/group form and then fill in the details of each of the passengers that make up the family or group. A QR code will be generated for EVERY passenger in the group, regardless of age. In no case will it be a code for the whole group. The maximum number of passengers allowed in a family/group form is 15 people.


What are the requirements to be part of a group?

The only requirement to be part of a group is that there is one person who is responsible for the group, that they travel together (same flight number/ship and arrival date) and that they must share the same country of origin.


Who can be responsible for filling out a family/group form?

Any non-dependant person of legal age.


Can I use the same email for the whole group?

Yes, but then you automatically agree that all QRs will go to the person responsible for the group. We advise that each passenger enter their email address to receive their QR.

What happens if one of the passengers in the family/ group is unable to travel?

The family/group form will continue to be valid, as each of the passengers in the family or group is assigned a separate QR code that must be the one presented at the airport. Thus, in case one or more passengers of the family or group are not able to travel, it will not be necessary to take any action with regards to this, the QR codes will be automatically deleted 7 days after the date of arrival in Spain.

Privacy & Security

How is my personal data handled?

Your personal data will be processed in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of their personal data and on the free movement of such data and Organic Law 3/2018 of 5 December 2018 on the Protection of Personal Data and Guarantee of Digital Rights and other related regulations.



If you want complete and updated information, please visit Spain Travel Health website: (this page is under continuous review)